Subcase Information Entry The WEIGHT command can be used to define a weighting factor (multiplier) for the compliances of individual linear static solution subcases, which are used in the calculation of the "weighted compliance" and "combined compliance index" optimization responses.


WEIGHT = value


Argument Description
value The multiplier to be used for the compliance of this subcase in the calculation of "weighted compliance" or "combined compliance index."

Default = 0.0 (Real)


  1. Refer to Responses in the User Guide for more information on "weighted compliance" and "combined compliance index" optimization response calculations.
  2. WEIGHT is only used in conjunction with DRESP1, RTYPE = WCOMP, COMB.
  3. If a WEIGHT is not defined in any subcase, but a DRESP1 with RTYPE = WCOMP or COMB exists, all static subcases are assigned a WEIGHT of 1.0 by default.
  4. The WEIGHT Subcase Information Entry can be used in EXPDYN subcases; however, the weights are always internally set equal to 1.0, regardless of the value specified in the input deck. DRESP1, RTYPE=WCOMP is supported for ESL-Nonlinear Response Optimization.
  5. This entry is represented as an optimization response in HyperMesh.