Subcase Information Entry The MINMAX or MAXMIN commands can be used to select normalized response or system identification definitions as the objective function for a "Minmax" or "Maxmin" optimization.


MINMAX = integer

MAXMIN = integer


Argument Options Description
integer <DOID>

No default

Design objective identification number of a DOBJREF or DSYSID Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Multiple MINMAX entries are allowed and multiple MAXMIN entries are allowed, but a MAXMIN entry cannot appear in the same input file as a MINMAX entry.
  2. The multiple MINMAX or MAXMIN entries define the same optimization problem.
  3. Refer to Minmax Objective Function in the User Guide for more information on "Minmax" optimization.
  4. If the DSYSID entry is referenced by a MINMAX or a MAXMIN Subcase Information Entry, the beta method is applied in the optimization as:
    Minimize β with (1)
    W i | R i FE R i T R i T | β
  5. This entry is represented as an optimization objective in HyperMesh.