Subcase Information Entry The LOAD command can be used to select a static load set to be applied in linear static solutions.


LOAD = option


Argument Options Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of a LOAD Bulk Data Entry or, if a LOAD Bulk Data Entry does not exist with this SID, the set identification of FORCE, FORCE1, MOMENT, MOMENT1, PLOAD, PLOAD1, PLOAD2, PLOAD4, GRAV, RFORCE, ACCEL, ACCEL1, ACCEL2, and SPCD Bulk Data Entries.


  1. Only one LOAD entry can be present for each subcase.
  2. A METHOD entry cannot be present in the same subcase definition as a LOAD entry.
  3. If the SID referenced by the LOAD Subcase Information Entry matches with the SID defined for a LOAD Bulk Data Entry, the information on this entry alone is selected.
  4. In versions prior to OptiStruct 8.0, thermal loads were selected in the Subcase Information section using the LOAD data selector. In version 8.0, the TEMPERATURE data selector was added to perform this function. It is possible to revert to the old behavior mode by setting the LOADTEMP option to SHAREID in the OptiStruct Configuration File.