Subcase Information Entry The STATSUB command can be used to select a static solution subcase.


STATSUB(type) = option


Argument Options Description

Default = PRELOAD (for Non-Buckling subcases)

BUCKLING (for Buckling subcases)

Referenced static subcase is used in forming the geometric stiffness needed for the linear buckling solution.
Referenced static subcase defines a preload.
Referenced static subcase introduces pretensioning loads on bolts. 4
Referenced nonlinear static (SMDISP) subcase will determine the CONTACT/GAP status for a heat transfer analysis. 6
Referenced small displacement nonlinear quasi-static subcase will be used in a complex eigenvalue analysis (for brake squeal analysis). 7
option <SID>

No default

Subcase identification number of a static solution subcase. 5


  1. A METHOD entry to define the eigenvalue extraction method is required in addition to a STATSUB entry for a linear buckling solution subcase.
  2. A linear buckling solution cannot be performed on a linear static subcase that uses inertia relief. STATSUB(BUCKLING) can only be used to reference buckling to linear static or nonlinear static (small displacement + N2S/S2S contact only) subcases. For more information on using a preloaded linear static analysis (with STATSUB(PRELOAD) pointing to large displacement nonlinear analysis), in buckling analysis, refer to Linear Buckling Analysis in the User Guide.
  3. STATSUB(PRELOAD) can only be used to reference linear static or nonlinear static (small and large displacement + N2S/S2S contact only) subcases. STATSUB(PRELOAD) can be used to apply preloading for linear static, normal modes, complex eigenvalue, direct frequency response, modal frequency response, direct transient response, and modal transient response solution sequences. Preloading applied to a Normal Modes Subcase is not transferred to modal solution sequences (with the same modal space and boundary conditions) in the same input deck. STATSUB(PRELOAD) can also be used to apply preloading for a Component Mode Synthesis (CMSMETH) subcase. STATSUB(PRELOAD) can be used with the AMSES eigensolver.
  4. STATSUB(PRETENS) is supported for linear and nonlinear static subcases. Other subcase types can use STATSUB(PRELOAD), which refers to a pretension subcase, in order to incorporate the effect of pretensioning on natural frequencies, dynamic solutions, and so on.
  5. STATSUB(PRETENS) can only reference a subcase that precedes the current subcase in the input deck.
  6. STATSUB(STRUCTURE) is supported for Linear and Nonlinear Heat Transfer (steady-state and transient) Analysis.
  7. STATSUB(BRAKE) can only be specified within a Modal Complex Eigenvalue Analysis subcase and can only reference a small displacement nonlinear static analysis subcase. For more information, refer to Brake Squeal Analysis and Complex Eigenvalue Analysis in the User Guide.
  8. In subcases preloaded by Nonlinear analysis subcases with MODCHG, the preloaded subcases will have the corresponding removed elements greyed out in the H3D file. So any elements removed via MODCHG in nonlinear subcases referenced by STATSUB(PRELOAD), STATSUB(BRAKE), or STATSUB(BUCKLING) will be greyed out in the H3D file of the corresponding preloaded subcase.