Subcase Information Entry Used to select an inlet flow velocity boundary condition.


INLTVEL = option


Argument Option Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of an INLTVEL Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Only one INLTVEL entry can be present for each subcase. An SPCP Bulk/Subcase Entry pair is mandatory to activate flow analysis in steady-state heat transfer analysis. The INLTVEL Bulk/Subcase pair is optional.
  2. Darcy Flow Analysis is currently only supported for Steady-State Heat Transfer.
  3. For inlet flow conditions, there are two options:
    • Use SPCP Bulk Data to define both inlet and outlet flow pressures, leading to a definition of flow pressure differential.
    • Use SPCP Bulk Data to define outlet pressure and use the INLTVEL Bulk/Subcase pair to define the inlet velocity.