Compare Design Variable Values

Visualize differences in design variable values between any two exploration runs.

  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, Evaluate tool group, click the Results Explorer tool.

    Figure 1.
    The Results Explorer browser opens.
  2. In the Results Explorer browser, click the Summary Table icon .
    The Summary Table shows a run-by-run summary of the exploration. The columns show the input design variable values for each run and the corresponding response values.
  3. From the Summary Table, right-click on a run and select one of the comparison options.
    • Add to compare stores the selected run and allows you to compare another run to the stored run.
    • Compare with allows you to compare the selected run with a stored run, nominal run, or optimal run.

    The Compare DVs table is populated with the design variable values for the runs being compared along with the percentage change between the left and right runs. In addition, the changes are contoured on the model graphics for additional visualization.

  4. Select rows in the compare table to isolate and locate the given variable in the model.