Convert Units

Use the Units tool to convert a finite element model from its initial unit system to a new unit system.

Restriction: This tool is only supported in the LS-DYNA and Radioss interfaces.
  1. From the Model ribbon, click the Units tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click on the guide bar.
  3. Select the source unit system and the target unit system.
    The supported units are:
    • N, m, s, kg
    • N, mm, s, T
    • N, mm, ms, g
    • kN, mm, ms, kg
  4. Click Convert to automatically scale the full FE model keywords data.
    Note: LS-DYNA materials starting from *MAT_101 are not yet fully validated and may present some issues during the conversion, except for: *MAT_103, *MAT_124 to *MAT_126, *MAT_169, *MAT_181, *MAT_183, *MAT_240.