Run MS/EDEM Cosimulation in Batch Mode

This tool helps to run the cosimulation in batch mode.

From the Analyze ribbon, Tools tool set, select Run MS/EDEM from the Tools drop-down menu to access the dialog.

The inputs required are as follows:
MotionView MDL or MotionSolve XML file A valid MotionView (*.mdl) or a MotionSolve (*.xml) that is set up for cosimulation with EDEM.
EDEM input deck A valid EDEM file (*.dem) set up for cosimulation with MotionSolve.
EDEM server wait time [s] EDEM server wait time in seconds to establish connection with MotionSolve.

Cosimulation in batch can also be run between a local install of EDEM and MotionView/MotionSolve from the Windows command prompt or console in Linux. The msedemcosim batch script is available ~altair_install/hwdesktop/utility/mbd/edem.

Windows msedemcosim.bat <mbd_path> <edem_path>
Linux <mbd_path> <edem_path>
Windows 64 version of the script file.
Linux 64 version of the script file.
Path to the MotionView/MotionSolve model (required).
Can be either an MDL file or an XML file.
Path to the EDEM model (required).