A Slalom event drives the vehicle in a straight, followed by a sequence of turns around cones in alternate directions. The vehicle velocity is held constant.

Output Requests are included to measure the vehicle state variables, tire forces, and tire state variables. The Altair Driver steers the vehicle and maintains constant speed. A plot template is available to plot the results.
This test is used to measure the dynamic response of the vehicle while traversing the path around cones.
Figure 1.
The parameters available in the Slalom event are detailed in the following table:
Parameter Description
Units Length unit selection (Model, m, ft).

Velocity unit selection (Model, m/s, km/h, mph).

Initial straight Vehicle is driven straight this distance before starting in the turn sequence.
Cone spacing Distance between cones placed longitudinally with respect to vehicle.
Lateral displacement Lateral distance of the vehicle desired path from the cones.
Final straight Straight distance section of the path after the turn sequence.
Number of cones Number of cones placed in the path.
Velocity Desired speed of the vehicle.
Turn direction Direction the vehicle turns during the event (as seen by the driver).
Look ahead time Look ahead time Look ahead time, used by the Driver feedforward steering model.
Prediction step size Maximum step size, used by Driver feedforward steering model.
End time Absolute end time of the event, in seconds.