Task Wizard Dialog

The Task Wizard dialog allows you to select the analysis tasks to be run.

The dialog displays options related to the current model in a series of panels. For example, if you have assembled a standalone powertrain model, the task wizard only displays powertrain analysis options.

Figure 1. Task Wizard Dialog
Moves to the next panel.
Returns to the previous panel for review or edit.
Closes the Task Wizard.

Front End Tasks

Figure 2.

Analysis Setup

Figure 3.

Vehicle Parameters

Figure 4.

Kinematic and Compliance Parameters

Figure 5.

Additional Options and Conditions

Figure 6.

Any number of analysis tasks can be loaded into a model using the Task Wizard. Analysis tasks are displayed in the Project Browser. The analysis task is added to the model file when the model is saved so that it is loaded each time you open the model file.

Add an Analysis Task

  1. From the Model-Main toolbar right-click on the Systems/Analyses panel icon.
    Tip: You can also right-click on Model in the Project Browser and select Manage Assemblies/Systems > Add New System
    The Add System dialog is displayed.
  2. Next to Parent:, double-click System.
    The Select a System dialog is displayed.
  3. Select a parent system from the model tree. This is the system to which you want to add the entity.
  4. Click OK.
    The parent system name is displayed in the System field.
  5. Enter a label in the Label: field, if you want to use a different label name than the default.
    The label name can be changed at any time.
  6. Enter a variable name in the Variable: field, if you want to use a different variable name than the default.
    The variable name is required and cannot be changed after it is defined.
  7. Under Type:, select System or Analysis.
  8. Enter any notes in the Note text box.
  9. Click OK.
    The system or analysis is added.