Creating a Vector Plot on a Cross Section

  1. From the Section Cut panel, apply a section cut to the model.
  2. Go to the Vector panel.
  3. From the Result type drop-down menu, select the name of the data type that should be used to calculate the vector plot (typically it is velocity).
    Note: Only data types with a vector format are available for you to choose.
  4. Under Selection, select the Sections option from the input collector drop-down menu.
  5. Pick a section.
    • Click on the Sections input collector and use the extended entity selection menu to select your desired section.
    • Pick a section directly on the model in the modeling window.
  6. Under Resolved in, verify that Global System is selected.
    Note: There is an interlock between the Resolved in system and the Advanced Options (Projected and Evenly Distributed).
  7. Optional: For Component, select the X, Y, or Z coordinates from the Plot tab (located in the middle of the panel), if necessary.
  8. For planar section cuts, click the Section tab and select your desired advanced options (advanced options are not currently supported for deformable section cuts):
    Option Description
    Projected Activate the check box to project the vectors to the cross section plane.
    Evenly distributed Activate the check box to evenly distribute the vectors on a cross section by specifying the number of rows and columns (see below).
    Note: Only first order solid elements on the model are supported by this option (second order elements on the model, parts of shells, and 1D elements are currently not supported).
    Number of rows/Number of columns Enter the number of rows and columns that will be used to evenly distribute the vectors on a cross section.
    Note: The Evenly distributed option must be activated in order to enable the number or rows/columns options.
  9. Click Apply.
    The vector settings are applied to the selected section on the model.

    Figure 1.
  10. Use the Graphical Manipulator to modify the definition of section cuts, as well as translate or rotate sections anywhere in 3-D space.
    Note: The graphical manipulator is linked to the entity display, therefore if a section cut is not displayed, the display of the graphical manipulator is also turned off. Right-click and select Show Manipulator to display the graphical manipulator in the modeling window.