HyperView - Upfront Data Loader

A new workflow emphasizing upfront data loading for standard crash post processing use cases.

Some of the highlights and key benefits of this profile are:

  • Uses a multi-threaded, asynchronous data loading engine resulting in faster load times.
  • New Load Data Browser designed to:
    • Select upfront and load only animation steps, and results data of interest.
    • Load several results at once, monitor load progress, and cancel loading.
  • Loaded data is automatically cached and readily available for viewing.
  • Option to unload cached data when no longer necessary.
  • Interact with the application and perform other tasks while data is loading instead of waiting until loading completes.
  • New workflows (available through the Plot Ribbon) for plotting and visualizing contour, vectors, iso, and deformations.
  • Monitoring to warn if application usage reaches a certain threshold and cancel any ongoing loading.
A few important differences to note between this profile and standard HyperView:
  • Upfront Loader uses a new infrastructure for reading and processing results and features a different workflow, thus making it incompatible with standard HyperView session files and report templates.
  • This profile is invoked using a separate shortcut and cannot be switched back to standard HyperView. Other clients such as HyperGraph or HyperMesh are available within the same framework and are not using this new infrastructure.
  • Currently it supports only transient analyses post-processing and a limited set of tools required for this post-processing.
  • Furthermore, memory usage for loading data in this profile is different compared to standard HyperView. Refer to the Coverage section for additional details.