Failure Time Plot

Contour time of failure or failure status of elements.

Failure Time is a special scalar result type that is created by HyperView based on Erosion (failed elements) data available in the result file. No extra step is required; if the results contains Erosion, then a data type called FailureTime is automatically created.
Attention: This is available in the HyperWorks HyperView – Upfront Loader profile only.
Three result components are available for contouring under the FailureTime result type:
Contour plot will show the time at which an element fails.
Contour plot will show the animation frame number at which an element fails.
Contour plot will show whether an element fails or not during the simulation.
Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
Note: The FailureTime contour plot is based on the steps that have been loaded. For example, assume that a simulation has 50 steps, and no element fails in the first 10 steps. If only the first 10 steps are loaded and FailureTime is contoured, then the plot would show N/A. Therefore, it is recommended that all the steps of the simulation be loaded before loading FailureTime in order to display precise failure information on an element.