Arrange Notes in the Modeling Window

  1. From the Annotate tools, click the Notes tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Set the entity type as Notes.
  3. Click on a note to select it.
    Note: Multi-select notes using window selection or Ctrl+left mouse clicks.
  4. After the selection is complete, right-click on the selected note(s) to open a context menu.
  5. Select Arrange to expand the list of options.

    Figure 2. Note arrangement methods
  6. From the available options, select one of the arrangement methods.
    • Place at entity
    • Place off the model
    • Explode off model center
    • Explode with offset
    • Move to side
    See the Set or Reset Note Creation Preferences topic for additional information.
  7. Optional: Arrange the selected notes on the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right portion of the modeling window by selecting one of the options.