Change the Display Options

You can change the appearance of a section cut by using the following Display options.

  1. Click on the desired section cut in the Results Browser.
  2. In the Entity Editor section of the browser, use the following options to set the display for the selected section cut.
    Option Description
    Deformable Allows the section cut to be deformed, along with the components, during animation. When this option is selected, a time step is added next to the section cut label in the Results Browser.
    Clip Above Display the side of the model opposite to where the section cut was applied.
    Cross Section Only Display a cross section of the section cut.
    Cross Section Width slider bar Adjust the width of the cross section.
    Clip elements Display the elements of the clipped part of the model.
    Thickness Set the thickness of the section cut outline. Values can be from 1 (thinnest) to 6 (thickest) or Global (use the value from Preferences dialog). Global is the default.
    Show Section Color Display the selected section cut color.
    Section Color Change the section cut color by clicking on the color box and selecting from the palette.
    Use the following options to determine the grid line display options for the graphical manipulator.
    Grid Display grid lines.
    Grid Text Display the grid line text values.
    Precision Use the drop-down menu to increment the current grid line text values from 0 to 10 decimal points.
    Grid Line Space X Change the X axis position of the graphical manipulator on the grid line grid.
    Grid Line Space Y Change the Y axis position of the graphical manipulator on the grid line grid.
    Use the following Global options to visualize the boundaries of the clipped part of the model.
    Feature Lines Display the feature lines of the clipped part of the model.
    Transparency Display the clipped part of the model as a transparent surface.