Change the Appearance of a System Plot

You can customize the appearance of the system plot by using the various display and axes/scaling options which allow you to change the axis, the axis color, the axis label, scaling, and arrow type used for the displayed vectors.
Note: These options will automatically be applied to the model when selected.
  1. Select which axis (or multiple axes) will be displayed in the vector plot using the Visibility options for X, Y, and Z.
    Quickly turn on/off each axis by activating/deactivating each check box.
    Note: Only the X and Y axis are checked for display by default.
  2. Select the vector color for the X, Y, or Z axis using the Color options.
    Click the color box to display the color palette and then select a different color.
  3. Select the label from the Axis label drop-down menu.
    Option Description
    XYZ Displays the axis for each vector as X, Y, and Z.
    RST Displays the axis for each vector as R, S, and T.
    UVW Displays the axis for each vector as U, V, and W.
    123 Displays the axis for each vector as numerical values 1, 2, and 3.
    None Displays the vector head as a straight line.
  4. Select the vector size scaling method from the Size scaling drop-down menu.
    • Normalized - automatically scales the vector length (the average vector length will be approximately 2% of the model size). This is set as the default scale mode.
    • Uniform - all vectors are displayed in a uniform size.
      Note: You can increase or decrease the size using the Scale value text box (located to the right of the drop-down menu).
  5. Select the vector head to be displayed from the Arrow type drop-down menu.
    • Arrow - displays the vector head as an arrow.
    • None - displays the vector head as a straight line.
  6. Optional: Click Close to close/exit the dialog.
    Note: All current plots will remain displayed in the modeling window (until they are cleared using the Clear button).