Fastener Setup

Create node-to-node CBUSH elements at the connector locations point/node or line.

Restriction: Only available in the OptiStruct and Nastran user profiles.

From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Connections > Fastener setup.

The methods that are available are Huth Formula, User defined (Huth) and Rutman. The supported element types are rbe3_cbush_rbe3, cbar (rigid), cbush, cfast_elem, cfast_prop and HiLock.

When using fastener setup, the nodes need to be opposite of each other when two plates are connected (congruent meshes). If the meshes are not congruent, it is recommended to use RBE3-CBUSH-RBE3 or CFAST connector types.
Note: You must provide the rivet diameter, or you should have axillary lines to represent the diameter.