Implement RBE2 Connection with Assigned DOFs

Implement a special RBE2 connection with assigned DOFs.

Restriction: Only available in the Nastran and OptiStruct user profiles.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Loads/BCs > RBE2 Filter.
  2. Select the nodes.
    By default you can select two nodes, node 1 (A) and node 2 (B).
    Two nodes are generated, C and D in between node A and node B. Nodes C and D will have the same coordinates. RBE2 is created connecting node C as master and node A, B and D as slave with DOF 123. RBE2 connection is created with node D as master and node A and B as slave with DOF 456. SPC is created with clamped DOF 456 at node C.
  3. Optional: Activate Multiple nodes selection.
    RBE2 is generated connecting the selected nodes to a master node. The position is calculated by HyperMesh as the COG of the selection, and this node will be used as node A for further connection. This is the same approach used for Node 2 selection.
  4. Select the numbering scheme for the nodes and RBE2s that will be created.
  5. Optional: Select the name of components and the load collector where the newly created RBE2 and SPC will be located.
    If this option is not selected, these entities are created in the current collectors.