Create Link Attachments to Connectors

Create new connectors from attachments or from existing collectors.

  1. From the Connectors ribbon, click the Connect Attachments tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click on the guide bar.
  3. Choose an option in the Selection tab.
    • From Attachments - After you create and define attachments, you can create connectors using a tolerance search.
    • From Existing Connectors - Convert existing connectors into attachment links.
  4. Choose a detection method in the Link Detection tab.
    Connectors and attachments can be selected automatically or manually.

    For attachments, you must enter a tolerance and angle value. The tolerance search will look normal to the hole (within 100) of the created attachment to find other attachments.

  5. If link detection is set to Manual, use the selector on the guide bar to choose attachments or connectors.
  6. If creating connectors from attachments, use the drop-down menu to assign an attachment control to the connector.
    Choose a previously defined control or click Create New to open the Control Manager and define a new control. If you select Undefined, the connector will be created without a control.

    By default, an assigned control is realized.

  7. On the guide bar, click one of the following:
    • - Apply and stay in the tool
    • - Apply and close the tool
    • - Exit the tool without applying