Morph Volumes

Morph volume entities are highly deformable six-sided prisms which surround a portion of the FE mesh, and can be used to manipulate a mesh by manipulating the shape of the morph volume.

Morph volumes are very malleable; the position of each vertex and the length of each edge can be modified independently of the others, and adjacent morph volumes can be linked through various tangency conditions. This malleability allows you to enclose a given mesh with morph volumes, adjust the morph volumes to fit your model, and then change the shape of your model by modifying the morph volumes.

Morph volumes support tangency between adjoining edges and allow for multiple control points along their edges. Moving vertices or handles, edges, and faces allows morphing of the morph volumes which in turn morphs the mesh inside the morph volumes.

Morph volumes can also be adjusted independently of the enclosed mesh. For example, to change the shape or reposition shred faces of your morph volumes without affecting the mesh, you can set the move mode to Adjust. This allows you to use all of the moving capabilities to modify the shape and position of your morph volumes to better fit your mesh. Then you can switch back to morph mode and use them to morph the mesh.

Morph volumes will only morph the connectors and mesh for nodes that have been registered. When creating morph volumes by enclosing a mesh, nodes and connectors within morph volumes are automatically registered by default. Use the Register tool to review and edit nodes and connectors associated with individual, or any enclosing morph volume..

Morph volumes do not have an active or export state.