Enclose Morph Volumes

Use the Morph Volumes: Enclose tool to create morph volumes with rectangular or circular shapes. Enclosed mesh and connectors are automatically registered to the enclosing volumes by default.

  1. From the Morph ribbon, click the Morph Volumes > Enclose tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Optional: On the guide bar, click to modify enclosing options.
  3. Select the nodes or elements to enclose.

    As you select entities, morph volumes are automatically created around them using the current settings. You can keep adding/removing entities or modifying the settings and the volumes will update automatically until you exit the tool or click Enclose.

  4. Select the type of volume using the drop-down menu on the guide bar.
  5. Optional: When defining Local or Symmetric types, click Orient on the guide bar to orient the volumes using the Vector tool.
    Use the Circular checkbox to optionally change the volume shape to circular.

    Global and Best Fit types create automatically oriented rectangular volumes.

  6. Use the microdialog to modify the number of volumes and tangency in each direction.
    Volume buffer % and the number of mid-handles can be also edited by expanding the microdialog to reveal the advanced options.
  7. Click Enclose on the guide bar.