Region entities store information used to facilitate and automate modeling practices and processes. It enables a selection which can be common across design changes or other models, provided region data is the same.

Region entities support two configurations of input: By ID and By Metadata. Both inputs are supported for geometry only, and can be used for selection purposes.

For example, when using mesh controls, it is possible to mesh a surface which has been tagged with metadata (or ID). If the design changes and a new version is authored, then you can quickly reapply the same mesh controls as long as the metadata (or ID) is still applied to the new CAD version. Region entities enables an automated re-meshing process that is consistently repeatable.

Region Reconcile Behavior

Available via the option Automatically update sets to mesh changes in the Preferences dialog, HyperMesh will now remember the geometric shape of the contents of certain sets and contact surfaces. This option/tool uses this geometric shape information to automatically update contents when their mesh changes, or even if the elements are entirely deleted and replaced by new ones.

Examples of what it can update are:

  1. Sets of nodes, ignoring nodes not used by shell or solid elements, but only attending to those used by 2D or 3D elements
  2. Sets of shell (2D) elements
  3. Segment sets or contact surfaces of shell element faces
  4. Segment sets or contact surfaces of exterior solid element faces
  5. Segment sets or contact surfaces of shell element edges
  6. Feature entities

There are some cases, such as some kinds of forces on sets, where changing the number of nodes in the set will incorrectly change the total load applied by the force. For such cases, the force will be redirected to apply temporarily to an empty set with the same name as the original set with "_unreconciled" appended. This is to alert you that you should recalculate what the magnitude of the load should be and direct it back to the original set. So, if you see sets with the "_unreconciled" suffix in your model, you should investigate their cross-references to see what needs your attention and take corrective action.