Create Member Mesh

Use the Member Mesh tool to create 1D elements on edges, free lines, nodes, or members.

The Member Mesh tool allows you to create the following:
  • Bar2
  • Rods
  • Line Mesh (for bar2 and rod elements only)
  1. From the Mesh ribbon, click the Member Mesh tool.

    Figure 1.
    Note: The Member Mesh tool is in a tool group with Stiffener Mesh. Click the arrow to the right of the icon to cycle between the two.
  2. On the guide bar, use the first selector to choose either Lines, Memebrs, or Node List.
  3. Set or change meshing/orientation/organization options by clicking on the guide bar.
  4. Select entities.
    When you select lines, there is an automatic sort according to the following rules:
    • Free lines – all lines are meshed as though the line mesh panel was behaving with default orientation derived from the line's Frenet frames.
    • Unmeshed edges – seed based on size/density/biasing like orphan lines, but default orientation follows the local surface normal.
    • Meshed edges – meshing behavior depends on whether you have checked the Match 2D mesh checkbox. Orientation depends on options.
    For edges and nodes, mesh is honored if the reference shells option is set to displayed or all. If it is set to none, mesh density is honored even if there is shell mesh.
  5. Select meshing parameters and biasing options.
    1. In the microdialog, use the icon drop-down menu at the top-left to define mesh by either size or density and then input a value.
    2. Select an engineering type and an associated property.
  6. Optional: Select an orientation vector and apply it to all newly created elements.
    • Click in the microdialog to orient using the Vector then click . After defining the orientation vector, press Esc to return to the current tool.
    • If neither of the icons are activated, the orientation will default to the global Z axis.
  7. Optional: Using the second selector on the guide bar, assign a property or beam section to the selected elements.
    The property you selected in the microdialog filters the list of available options. For example, a ROD config only keeps PROD properties, while a BEAM config keeps only PBAR/PBARL and PBEAM/PBEAML.

    If a beamsection is selected, then element type and property card are driven from the microdialog. If PBEAML/PBARL are selected but the beamsection is not valid, the respective PBEAM/PBAR is created.

  8. On the guide bar, click one of the following:
    • - Save changes and stay in the tool
    • - Save changes and close the tool