Edit Beam Section Parts

Parts are created from inputs. Solid parts are generated for each island of surfaces while Shell parts are created for line regions whenever the thickness changes as well as at t-junctions.

  • If Create sketch is turned off during creation, then:
    • Elastic sections are statically computed from geometry, thickness, and contact options, and cannot be edited
    • Solid sections are created from the source and can be edited/reviewed using the legacy HyperBeam tool.
    • Shell sections are created using the source (and default thickness) and can be further edited with legacy tools in HyperBeam.
  • If Create sketch is turned on, a Sketch entity is created and linked to the beam section.
    • The part manager is available as tabular data in the beam section Entity Editor.
      • Here, you can rename parts and edit shell part thickness and solid part mesh size.
      • Material info per part is persistent but not editable.
    • Changing anything in the tabular data triggers a beam section update.
      • Contact definitions for Elastic sections are lost and reset to Best match.
      • Shell beam section welds not registered in a sketch are lost.
    • Right-click in the Beamsection browser and select Edit in Sketcher to invoke sketch edit mode. Beam sections are updated when you make a change and then leave sketch edit mode.
    • Shell beam section welds generated during beam section creation are available in tabular data.
      • For clarity, rename these parts to weld1.
      • Welds are persistent with sketch update.