Parametric analysis: definitions


First, a time dependent study and a parametric analysis must be defined.

Time dependent study (transient application)

A time dependent study is a study in function of the parameter time, obtained within a Flux transient application.

A transient application is a physical application characterized by:

  • time dependent properties: sources, material characteristics, etc.
  • equations that contain time derivatives

The solving process is carried out in order at each time step. The successive solutions are not independent one from another; each solution is dependent on the previous ones.

Flux transient applications are as follows: Transient Magnetic and Transient Thermal applications.

Parametrized analysis

A parametrized analysis concerns the influence of different geometric or physical parameters on the solution of the problem.

The solving process is a sequence of successive solving processes corresponding to different combinations of parameters. The solutions are independent one from another.

Main advantage of parametrized analysis

The main advantage of parametrized analysis is that the results can be carried out on the entire set of solutions.

  • In a “simple” analysis, only one configuration of the device is treated, corresponding to a single combination of parameters. To study the influence of a parameter in this case, one must prepare and solve a number of Flux projects and then compare the results of the individual projects.
  • In a parametrized analysis, several configurations of the device, corresponding to several combinations of parameters or several time steps, are treated in a single Flux project. The influence of a specific parameter on a result can be visualized directly.

Multi- parametrized analysis

A multi-parametrized analysis is a varying analysis in which the influence of several parameters is studied.

We use the terms

  • parametrized or a multi-parametrized analysis, when we are interested in the influence of different geometric and/or physical parameters in static or harmonic applications
  • transient parametrized application, when we are interested in the influence of different geometric and/or physical parameters in transient applications