Mesh: software aspects

Aided mesh

Aided mesh box available from the menu:

Aided mesh

Data (1)

Data available in the data tree:

Mesh point

Mesh line

Mesh generator

Mesh relaxation for Lines / Faces / Volumes

Mesh shadow (3D)

Actions (1)

Procedures for mesh generation:

Assignment of mesh generators

Structuring the mesh

Order of elements

Mesh elements generation

Data (2)

Data available after mesh generation:

Mesh elements and mesh defects

Actions (2)

Procedures for control and visualisation of mesh:

Verification of the mesh

Visualization of the mesh elements

Visualization of volume mesh element by a selection plane

Deletion of the mesh

Cleaning of mesh information

Skin depth calculator

Procedure for skin depth computation:

Skin depth computation


Sequence (simplified) of commands:

Sequence of commands

Reading advice

For theoretical aspects (principles) refer to chapter Mesh: principles .