Visualization of the mesh elements


The mesh elements and the mesh faults are stored in the data tree. They are not directly visible in the graphic zone because:

  • there are too many
  • only certain elements are desired when visualizing


In 2D, the user may want to visualize the faulty elements.

In 3D, the user may want to visualize:

  • the faulty elements
  • the pyramidal elements (constituted at the limit of a meshed domain by an automatic mesh generator and of a domain meshed by an adjusted mesh generator)

Adding to visualization

To add an element or a mesh fault to the visualization in the graphic zone:

Stage Action
1 Activate the Add to visualization command
The selection box is opened.

Complete the selection box:

  • in the list proposed choose a selection filter
  • select the entities on which one wishes to add the elements for visualization
  • click on Union
The elements or the mesh faults appear in the data tree
The elements or the mesh faults appear in the graphic zone


The figure describes the manner of activating the command Add to visualization, which requires data selection:

In this example, it is wished to display the pyramidal elements on face 10 meshed by means of an adjusted mesh generator in contact with the air region, meshed by an automatic mesh generator.


The pyramidal elements located in face 10 and in contact with the meshed air region appear in the data tree and in the graphic zone.