Cleaning of mesh information

Cleaning of mesh

It is possible to clean the mesh data.

The mesh cleaning:

  • destroys all the assignment data (links between the mesh tools and the geometric entities associated with them)
  • preserves the mesh tools (mesh point, mesh line, mesh generator)


Cleaning is useful:

  • to remove all data locally adjustmented and to mesh only by aided mesh (for example)
  • to return to a starting situation (only geometric description, without any mesh information associated to the geometry)

Cleaning the mesh data

To clean the mesh data:

Stage Action

Activate the command:

  • in the Mesh menu, click on Clean all mesh data

    or in the Mesh toolbar, click on the icon

A warning box is opened.

Confirm the cleaning:

  • Click on Yes
The mesh tools are unassigned from all geometric entities.


  • Once this command is executed, the aided mesh box information are un-assigned from the geometry entities. It is necessary to "re-synchronize" the aided mesh box (open the box and click on OK / Apply) in order to retrieve these information.
  • Once this command is executed, linked and extrusive mesh generator that have been automatically created with geometric transformations are un-assigned.