Verification of the mesh

Check mesh

To check the mesh quality:

Step Action

Activate the command:

  • in the Mesh menu, click on Check mesh

    or in the Mesh toolbar, click on the icon

Information on the quality of the mesh elements is displayed in the history zone.


The result after checking is displayed in the history zone.

It is comprised of the number of nodes generated, the time of mesh generation and data on the quality of the generated elements, along with additional information.

Example: Report of checking for a 2D project:

Mesh quality

The ideal mesh elements are:

  • the equilateral triangles and squares for a surface mesh
  • the regular tetrahedrons and cubes for a volume mesh

In practice, the mesh elements can be deformed up to a certain limit. Flux carries out two quality controls on the elements:

  • control of the geometric shape of the elements
  • control by calculating the Jacobian

In 2D, if the quality criteria are not respected, Flux creates mesh defaults and visualizes the elements of poor quality.