Extrusion around axis of faces


The geometric operation Extrusion around axis of faces allows extruding one or more faces (belonging to the same sketch or belonging to an object), around an axis. There is also the possibility to introduce an offset of the origin plane of extrusion.

Color and visibility

Upon creating an extrusion, there is the possibility to specify the color and the visibility of the resulting entities by clicking on:

The choice made is applied to the resulting object, but equally to the sub-entities (volume, face, line, point), except for the color of the points and lines that remain in the white color by default for a better visual distinction.


The different accesses of the geometric operation Extrusion are:

  • By menu: Tools > Extrusion > New
  • By icon:


Upon the creation, a preview of the extrusion can be visualized in the graphic zone. This permits to the user to visualize the object that he will obtain.

The preview is note available in, modification.

Structure of the extrusion around axis

The operation Extrusion around axis of faces is describe by:

  • « Definition » tab
    • The sketch containing the faces to extrude (optional)
    • A list of faces to extrude
  • « Type of extrusion » tab
    • The extrusion type (In this case, around axis)
    • Revolution axis ( a standard line belonging tot an object or a reference line or a line belonging to a sketch)
    • The extrusion angle
    • The offset angle of the origin plane (optional: by default 0 if empty)
    • The appearance of resulting objects (color and visibility)
Dialog box Illustration

« Definition »tab

« Type of extrusion » tab

Examples of extrusion configurations

The table below presented different examples of configurations of extrusion around axis.

Extrusion angle > 0


Offset angle > 0

Extrusion angle > 0


Offset angle = 0

Extrusion angle > 0


Offset angle < 0


The application of a extrusion has as result:

  • An object OBJ_EXTRUDE_1 and its sub entities (point, line, face, volume)
  • A geometric operation EXTRUDE_1. This geometric operation is a specific entity of the modeler that permits to ensure the cycle of life of the construction (creation - modification - deletion).
  • The operation EXTRUDE_1 has been added in the list of geometric operations linked with the object OBJ_EXTRUDE_1 (and also a SWEEP ASSEMBLY if the extruded faces do not belong to a sketch).

Creation of a extrusion around axis

The process of creation of an extrusion around axis of faces is presented in the table below.

Stage Description Tab
1 Opening the dialog box Extrusion _

Choice the name of resulting geometric operation

(by default: EXTRUDE_1)

3 Choice the sketch (optional) Definition
4 Choice the faces to extrude
5 Choice the extrusion type (in this case, around axis vector) Type of extrusion
6 Choice the extrusion angle
7 Choice the offset angle with origin plane to extrude
8 Validation by clicking on OK _


Some limitations:

  • In modification every fields are editable, except the extrusion type.
  • The preview is not available in modification.
  • In the case of an extrusion of face does not belong to a sketch, the contour of this face may not modify (must keep the same number of lines an the same lines)