Clean faces


The geometric operation Clean faces allows removing one or more faces and filling its using neighbor entities.

This functionality can be used to:

  • Clean engraved or incrusted inscription, which are not necessary for the modeling
  • Clean locally many configurations with (hole/slot/fillet…)

Options « shell»

The user have the possibility to choose:

  • NO: Clean only the selected face without search the shell cleanable
  • YES: Clean the shell of faced detected around the selected face.

OPTION Detected shell Result


The different accesses of the geometric operation Clean faces are:

  • By menu: Correction&Simplification > Clean faces > New
  • By icon:


Few limitations :

  • Impossible to clean faces of several objects. Select only faces of the same object
  • No preview available at the creation and at the modification
  • This functionality does not work on any face; the successful of the cleaning of the face is strongly linked to the neighboring configuration of the geometry.


Here is an example of cleaning of faces:

Stage Description Illustration
1 Inscription to clean
2 Selection of the letter U
3 Cleaned letter U after a Clean faces
4 Selection of others letters F L and X
5 Cleaned letters F L X after a Clean faces