Correction tools: Management of geometric defects


Within the context of the Flux standard geometry (apart from sketcher) it is possible to detect and display the geometric defects.

It is possible to:

  • Detect the defects (by the command “ Check geometry” )
  • Display/Hide the defects
  • Correct the defects

Detect defects

To detect the defects, the command “Check geometry” must be executed in the menu Tools .

The detected defects are automatically displayed and listed in the data tree.

The defects taken into consideration are :

  • Intersection between entities (point/line or line/line)
  • Superposition between entities (point/point or line/line)

Display / Hide defects

There is a filter allowing to display or hide the defects (menu Display/View, command Display geometric defects)

Heal geometric defects

To correct all the detected defects there are three possible commands :

  • Correct all the intersections
  • Correct all the superposition
  • Correct all the geometry (intersections + superposition)

To correct one defect specifically, the local correction commands must be used :

  • Defect of intersection : adjust the intersections, divide
  • Defect of superposition: merge 2 lines.