Locate faces

Before Starting

It is necessary to open the context for healing of facet geometry as follows:

Step Action

Pass to the healing mode:

  • in the Geometry menu click on Context healing of facet geometry

The healing mode for geometry is activated.
Note: Click on to go back.

Locate faces

To locate faces on a plan or a cylinder:

Step Action

Activate the command:

  • in the Healing menu, point on Locate faces by projection and click on Project faces

A dialog box Locate … is opened.

Select faces to project:

  • click on the icon and in the graphic zone click directly on the faces of interest keeping pressed the Ctrl key

Define positioning:

  • define coordinate system
  • enter the specific values (concerning the cylinder or the plan)


  • click on OK
The faces are located.
A new dialog box is automatically opened.

Quit the sequence:

  • click on Cancel