Advanced import process

Import process

The import is carried out in two phases, as described in the table below and illustrated by the following figure.

Phase Description


  • Detection of parts in contact
  • Construction of the contact faces
  • Union of solids in contact


  • Choice of elements of the CAD file to convert
  • Conversion of elements:

    CAD type geometry → Geometry of Finite Elements type

3 Result: the results are displayed in an import report in the History zone.


The CAD entities of the initial file are read and converted into FLUX entities of the type:

  • points defined by parametric coordinates
  • lines of type:
    • segment defined by extremity points
    • arc defined by the origin, intermediate and extremity points
    • curve (for any kind of lines)
  • faces of type:
    • automatic defined by the plane, cylindrical or conical surfaces
    • twisted faces, defined by any kind of surface
  • volumes