Process of geometry import


The import of a geometry from a file is an operation that consists of converting the geometry from the initial file (specific to the format) into Flux entities (geometric entities of Point, Line, Face and Volume type).

The user then carries on the construction process with the available tools in Flux.


It is important to note that in Flux, the user should build the geometry without defects. A defect, in the Flux sense, is an error of the geometrical construction of intersection of lines type, of superposition of points type, etc.

If there are geometrical defects in the origin file (intersection of lines, superimposed points, etc.), these can hinder and also block the process of geometry building: impossibility of building faces and/or volumes.

So, after the geometry import, it is necessary that complementary actions should be taken in order to search (identify) and correct the geometric defects.

Import process

The process of import is a process involving the three stages briefly described in the table below and detailed in the following paragraphs.

Stage Description
1 Conversion with options
2 Geometry checking / search geometric defects

Correction of geometric defects


geometry simplification