Advanced mode import: about


When importing in advanced mode, Flux converts data of the initial file (CAD environment) in geometric identity of the type points, lines, faces (Finite elements environments).


With the advanced mode, the user predefines the import options. The software carries out the import taking into account the options chosen by the user.

The following table details the soft ware possibilities for advanced import.

Types of options Flux possibilities
general options
  • units convertion
  • scale
  • geometry positionning
options about entities
  • solids
  • free faces
  • free lines
  • invisible entities
options about healings
  • automatic healing
  • free faces stitching with tolerance coefficient
  • solid assembly with tolerance coefficient
  • autocollision correction


The following table describes the different steps to import geometry in advanced mode.

Steps Description
1 choice of conversion general options
2 choice of entities to be converted
3 choice of the geometry healing options
4 geometry checking (if needed)
5 defects healing (if needed)


The choice of the entities depends of the file to be imported. The following table shows the difeerent entities the the user can import with Flux:

Type of entity Overall
Free face
Free lines
Invisible entities


The following table describes the different type of healing that the user can carry out with the import in advanced mode.

Type of healing Description
Automatic healing
  • Identification of segment cuts and healing
  • creation of a single line
Free faces stitching
  • identification of free faces and edges of the same geometry with a different topology
  • deletion of one of the two edges and creation of a single edge in connexion with the two faces
Solid assembly
  • identification of the solids in contact and creation of a print
  • creation of lines points and faces
Autocollision correction
  • identification of intersections
  • creation of points, lines and faces