Capture Pages and Windows

Capture images of the selected pages and windows in the HyperWorks session.

  1. Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Capture > Capture Pages and Windows.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Capture Pages and Windows module.

    Figure 1.
    1. Name: Provide the name for the Capture Pages and Windows module.
    2. Select Page and Window: Select pages and windows. Multiple selection is also possible. The following selection options are available in the basic settings:
      1. Select All: Selects all of the pages or windows
      2. Select None: No selection
      3. Select Reverse: For reverse selection
        Note: Upon execution of this module, for each page/window selected, an image is created with the caption of the image set to the page title.
In Presentation reporting format, select the slide layout from the list. This defines the image placement layout for Presentation reports.

Figure 2.