Auxiliary Posts

Auxiliary posts may be used to include excitations other than the road surface, such as aerodynamic forces.
  1. Posts can be added or deleted using the Add or Delete buttons respectively.
  2. Attachments for each Auxiliary Post consist of Body, Apply to Point and Mount Point.
    Note: The direction of the Displacement/Force application is from Mount Point to Apply to Point.

    The post is connected using Ball Joints at both ends, to the Body on which the Force/Displacement is applied and to the Body on which the post is mounted (GroundBody).

  3. Signal Type - There are three signal types that can be used for the input to an Auxiliary Post:
    • Displacement
    • Force/Moment
    • Acceleration: Acceleration is first converted to displacement, following which the displacement is applied.

Figure 1. Auxiliary Post Functions and Options