Access Aerospace Tools in HyperView

When you launch HyperView, the Aerospace preferences file is automatically loaded. However, you must activate the Aerospace Tools preferences file before you can use the utility.
  1. Start HyperView from the installation folder.
    The HyperView window is displayed.
  2. From the File Menu, click Load > Preference File.
    The Preferences dialog is displayed.
  3. Select Aerospace Tools from the Preferences dialog.
  4. Click Load.
    The Aerospace menu is added and displayed on the menu bar.
  5. From the Aerospace menu, select one of the available options.
    Option Description
    • Results On Stack
    • Layer Book
    • Result Configurator
    • Averaged Post Processing
    Sets Sync HV-HM
    Systems Sync HV-HM
    • Import FBD Sessions
    • Export FBD Sessions
    Matrix Browser