FRAC - Load Tab

The FRAC utility's Load tab allows you to select and load the reference and correlation files to prepare them for a FRAC analysis.

Figure 1. FRAC Utility - Load Tab

The following options are available:

File Selection

Click the file browser icon for the Reference File and Correlation File fields and select one of the file types listed below. Upon selection, click Load.
  • H3D (*.h3d)
  • OP2 (*.op2)
  • PUNCH (*.pch)
  • UNV (*.unv)
Ref and Cor Subcase
Use the Ref Subcase and Cor Subcase drop-down menus to select loadcases for filtering.
Frequency Filter
Start and End Frequency
Enter a start and end frequency range and click Select to filter the frequencies in that range.
Correlation Interpolation
Select interpolation methods to be applied to the reference or correlation frequency response results.
Response ID Selection
Select the response IDs and types for FRAC and FDAC calculation.