PCOMP from CSV generates HyperMesh composite properties from data defined in a .csv file.

The required file format is shown in the table below. Layers of a property must share a single material ID and thickness. If this is not your use case, refer to Data I/O Spreadsheets for other options.

From anywhere in the HyperMesh app, press Ctrl+F to bring up the search bar in the top right, then search “PCOMP from CSV. In the Import file field, browse to the appropriate file and then click Create.

Table 1. File Format
PCOMP ID Material ID Thickness Orientation              
1 1 0.01 -45 0 45 90 90 45 0 -45
2 1 0.01 0 90 0 90        
11 5 0.02 30 0 30