Find and Fill Cavities

Use the Plug tool to find and fill cavities. The Plug tool can also be used to remove protrusions, holes, and complex features.

You can interactively fill cavities using the guide bar or fill all cavities at once.

Note: FE geometry is not supported for this tool.
  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Plug tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Optional: On the guide bar, click to define additional options.
  3. Select cavities.
    Option Description
    1. Click Find to detect and select cavity surfaces from displayed solids.
    2. Review each of the found/selected cavities by clicking and on the guide bar.
    1. Use the guide bar drop-down menu to select bounding lines, loops, or surfaces then select the bounding entities in the modeling window.
    2. Click Cavity Surface on the guide bar then select reference surfaces that are touching the desired cavity or cavities.
  4. Plug cavities in the following ways:
    • Fill all found/selected cavities by clicking Plug All.
    • Fill individual cavities by left-clicking on a selected cavity.