HyperView Interfacing – UNV Files

When you select a model or results file, HyperView automatically detects the file type and selects the proper reader to import the data. If more than one reader claims to support the selected file format, a dialog listing those readers is displayed. From this dialog, you can select the preferred reader.

To extract only a selected set of results, use the external translator HvTrans to create an H3D file.

Solver Interface Support

HyperView supports the following blocks:
Block 15
Contains nodes
Block 82
Contains nodal connectivity
Block 55
Contains results
Block 151
Information related model title, created date, file type…etc
Block 164
Units information
Block 780
Element information
Block 781
3 dimensional node coordinates
Block 2411
Nodal information
Block 2412
Element information (new format)
Block 2470
Property names
Block 2477
Node and element set information
Block 2420
System information
Is updated to read complex first order Eigenvalues.
Contains results
Element information (new format). Membrane elements: 71 Membrane Linear Quadrilateral, 72 Membrane Parabolic Triangle, 74 Membrane Linear Triangle, 75 Membrane Parabolic Quadrilateral.
Property label and component name
Element and node group (sets)

These blocks may be created by applications outside of I-DEAS.