Surface Results

HyperView supports surface results that are available in ODB for shell and solid element.

While loading an odb make sure to set true for the Support element face results in See Also: dialog. The default option for Support element face is false, so even though the odb contains surface result due to default setting the results will not be populated in See Also: panel.

HyperView creates a new component for the *surface card created in the input deck; each component is provided with a new offset component ID. While displaying the surface results the user can hide the other components using hide/show option from browser panel.

Internally Reader generates ‘dummy’ shell elements and maps results to them. The shell elements have same ID as original elements. The shell elements are grouped into pools per face identifier. The contact results are available on these results, so user can isolate *SURFACE from rest of the model to visualize the contact results alone.

Limitation: The surface used for this output request must be created. For example in case of pressure load, create a surface before assign the load to a face. Picking the surface directly while creating pressure load will create an internal surface but HyperView will not read in those surfaces.