Model Statistics

Add model statistics to the report in a tabulated form, such as the various entities present in the model and the number of entities belonging to each entity type.

  1. From the Report Ribbon, Add Modules tool group, click and select Model Statistics module.


    Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Validate > Model Statistics.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Model Statistics module.

    Figure 1.
    Provide the name for the Model Statistics module.
    Provide the location of the model in the list of HyperMesh windows in the session.
    Select the required page or window from the HyperWorks session.
    Include Detailed Statistics
    For including mesh statistics.
    Auto Split Table
    Provides the function to split up tables automatically based on the space available in the slide or page.
  3. Once executed, a table with the list and count of all of the entities is generated.

    Figure 2.