Unit Systems

Provides data about the units used in the model from solver cards “UNITS” and “DTI_UNITS”. Other commonly used unit systems are available by default.

  1. From the Report Ribbon, Add Modules tool group, click and select Unit Systems module.


    Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Validate > Unit Systems.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Unit Systems module.

    Figure 1.
    Provide the name for the Unit System module.
    Provide the location of the model in the list of HyperMesh windows in the session.
    Unit System
    Select the unit system being used for the analysis.
    Note: Commonly used units are already listed. If Solver is selected, units in Solver are also available.
    Auto Split Table
    Provides the function to split up tables automatically based on the space available in the slide or page.
  3. Once executed, a table output for Unit System is generated:

    Figure 2.
    • Unit System supports N, mm, s, and kg which are the default in OptiStruct and Nastran profile in HM. This can be changed manually or by using DTI/UNIT or /UNITS card in OS or Nastran.
    • For all other solver profiles, kN, mm, ms and kg are the default unit systems in this module. Force units have been added in the units table.