Use parameters in the Modeler

Parametric study

It is possible to achieved parametric studies with a project described in the modeler like in standard geometry context of Flux, but the operation mode is radically different:

  • Without modeler, geometric parameters are applied directly on the coordinates of points
  • With the modeler, geometric parameters are used in geometric operations of the modeler (dimensions of a block, radius of a cylinder, distance of a chamfer, length of extrusion, …)

Example of parameterized block

Here is an example of a block whose dimensions are parameterized.

Parametrisation strategy

In the standard geometry context, to parameterize a movement it was customary to parameterize coordinates systems.

With a geometric construction with the Modeler, you must abandon this method, and directly parameterize geometric operations. For example of the movement, just create and parameterize the geometric operations of translation and rotation.