What is the Flux Modeler?


The modeler is a tool to describe a CAD geometry quickly and easily using intuitive and powerful functionalities. The Flux modeler does not compete with a dedicated CAD tool, but it is strongly inspired. It gives users a simple and ergonomic method of geometry description unlike the previous method, robust but tedious.

Significant work was also provided with this modeler on CAD import and correction which allowed rethinking the algorithms existing import and thus improving the quality.

Without and with modeler

Here is a simple example (building of a block) to illustrate the radical change of method of geometric description without modeler (with tools of standard geometry context) and with modeler.

Without modeler With modeler
step 1 Create the point 1 step 1

Create a block

The resulting entities obtained immediately:

  • 8 points
  • 12 lines
  • 6 faces
  • 1 volume
  • 1 object (new entity for the modeler)
  • 1 geometric operation (new entity for the modeler representing the achieved action and useful to ensure the cycle of life)
step 2 Create the point 2
step 3 Create the point 3
step 4 Create the point 4
step 5 Create the point 5
step 6 Create the point 6
step 7 Create the point 7
step 8 Create the point 8
step 9 Create the line 1 between P1 and P2
step 10 Create the line 2 between P2 and P3
step 11 Create the line 3 between P3 and P4
step 12 Create the line 4 between P4 and P1
step 13 Create the line 5 between P5 and P6
step 14 Create the line 6 between P6 and P7
step 15 Create the line 7 between P7 and P8
step 16 Create the line 8 between P8 and P5
step 17 Create the line 9 between P1 and P5
step 18 Create the line 10 between P2 and P6
step 19 Create the line 11 between P3 and P7
step 20 Create the line 12 between P4 and P8
step 21 Build faces
step 22 Build volumes
22 user actions Only 1 user action

Technical solution

The Flux modeler is based on geometric kernel ACIS 3D developed by SPATIAL Technology du groupe Dassault Systemes. Modeler's functionalities use API of ACIS. A permanent synchronisation between ACIS database and Flux database allows ensuring the cycle of life and the tree of construction of actions done in the modeler.