RhoCp(T) law: models


This section deals with the volumetric heat capacity ρCp(T) from the point of view of the Flux models.


The numerous models provided are presented in the table below.

Volumetric heat capacity ρCp …
… constant (independent of temperature)
… linear function of T
… exponential function of T
… tabulated function of T
… combination of a Gaussian function of T and a constant*
… combination of a Gaussian function of T and an exponential of T*
Note: * These models, which associate a Gaussian dependence on T to another function of T, take into account the phase transition of the 2nd order at the Curie point.

Specific models are also provided (see table below). Their mode of use is presented in § Spatial model / user model.

Volumetric heat capacity ρCp …
… spatial (ρCp described via spatial formula)
… user ( ρCp described via user subroutine and personal version)