J(E) law: models


This section deals with the law of electric behavior J(E) from the point of view of the models provided in Flux.

The standard models for describing the insulators and/or the conductors are presented.


The numerous models provided are presented in the table below.

Resistivity (electric) ρ … Name of the Flux model
… infinite (null electric conductivity) Insulator
… constant (constant electric conductivity) Isotropic / Anisotropic resistivity
… variable (variable electric conductivity) Isotropic resistivity

Specific models are also provided (see table below). Their mode of use is presented in § Spatial model / user model.

Resistivity (electric) ρ …
… spatial isotropic ( ρ described via spatial formula)
… user ( ρ described via user subroutine and personal version)